Workload Migration Automation Whitepaper

27 August 2015 | By John Merryman

Today a data centre migration project includes massive variety in scope, migration methods, and toolsets. But fortunately x86 workloads (Windows and Linux operating system instances) represent a majority of the typical enterprise compute transition requirements. Also consolidating data centres is less of a mechanical engineering feat and more of a series of virtual infrastructure and data migrations events, navigated through the gauntlet of human controls and network perimeters.

But if you talk to any practitioner doing cloud migrations or data centre migrations, a lot of the effort still resolves to brute force effort, manual methods, and work-arounds, and a mix of tools to transition applications and workloads from point A to B. In theĀ following whitepaper, we dissect the state of play for migration tools, and look for greater leverage of new automation technologies in a traditional use case: data centre migration.