VDI Monitoring as a Service - Magnify.IO

07 October 2015 | By John Merryman

As VDI deployment models now span public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments, the complexity of performance and uptime management is increasing for our customers. We are excited to announce the release of Magnify.IO, a comprehensive VDI end-user monitoring solution. Magnify by GlassHouse incorporates traditional monitoring, and proactively monitors in-depth application and desktop launch processing sequences, performance of connectivity to resource dependencies, latency between core components and the health of individual service layers forming the overall delivery platform.

Too often, our customers struggle with root cause identification and remediation, due to lack of visibility down the VDI service stack. Various disparate components, which comprise a typical VDI environment, include application delivery controllers, connection brokers, and web brokers. These core services run on distributed systems and storage, often with complex network service interfaces for security and load balancing. Monitoring the system metric health of these roles provides valuable insight into if these critical services are responding to network requests, logical/physical disk performance, and CPU/Memory resource bottlenecks.

Proactively monitoring of VDI service health and availability of underlying infrastructure is essential for VDI management. Placing a disproportionate emphasis on infrastructure is at the peril of the “actual” end-user experience. GlassHouse advocate full-stack monitoring and management, in order to articulate VDI service health from the end-user to the spindle.

Magnify.IO improves VDI end-user experience as a cloud delivered service, delivered to our customers by VDI field experts.

To learn more about Magnify.IO by GlassHouse click here