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An integrated suite of services designed to help customers derive maximum value from their cloud environment.

CloudControl ensures that your operations are fully controlled and cost optimized. You can feel confident, with access to specialists 24×7 for as long or as short as you need.

Value Proposition:

When IT services were provided via in-house infrastructure and support specialists it was much easier to “touch and feel” what was working as expected, and what needed intervention.

Although the Cloud model provides the scalability which the in-house model struggled to provide, it cannot be treated as a “set and forget” solution.  Careful management is required to:

  • Gain Visibility and Control of your Microsoft & Citrix environments
  • Ensure Costs are contained
  • Ensure Error and/or sub-optimal conditions are identified and rectified before impacting services
  • Ensure Services continue to be delivered in a coherent fashion rather than as a set of disparate unrelated services.

Cloud Management - Cheat Sheet



An integrated full service suite providing “proactive” Monitoring and Management of all aspects of virtual desktop environments

  • Supports traditional datacentre, Private Cloud, and Public Cloud environments
  • Primary focus on Citrix / AWS / VMware components within the IT stack
  • Can be extended to cover the entire IT stack
  • Use of automated management and monitoring functions, resulting in improved SLAs
  • Provides a single’ pane of glass’ to monitor all aspects of the environment
    • Hardware Platform
    • Hypervisor and Compute
    • Network and Storage
    • Operating System and Infrastructure Stack
    • Applications
    • End User Experience
  • Provides rapid analysis and determination of issue root cause within the environment, resulting in improved platform stability and end user satisfaction
  • Maintained and supported by GlassHouse’s team of infrastructure and service specialists

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Pro-active fault resolution and environment optimization and operational management.

ccInspect + Specified Operational Management

  • Patching (BAU and Emergency)
  • Scheduled Weekly Reboots
  • Environment Health
  • Assist other Teams where possible
  • Firmware/Software updates/Upgrades
  • L3 Incident resolution 
  • Monthly / Quarterly reporting on:
    • Issues
    • Availability
    • Resource usage


Pro-active fault detection and resolution using state of the art tools for monitoring and alerting.

  • Technical Support + Monitoring, alerting, analysis, reporting
  • Unlimited technical support hours per month
  • Monitoring agents for alerting
  • Periodic Analysis (health checks) and Reporting
  • Optional components (per ccAssist)


Provides a rapid response by subject matter experts to assist with problems as they arise.

  • Technical Support to supplement client staff
  • Agreed technical support hours per month
  • Optional components:
    • Jira service desk
    • On-call after hours support
    • Project work on-demand at agreed rates

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