Performance Benchmarking Citrix XenApp on AWS

31 October 2017 | By John Merryman

We've traditionally deployed LoginVSI tools to measure Citrix performance for on premises infrastructure deployments, and are pleased to see the recent post illustrating the use of LoginVSI for the Citrix XenApp on AWS use-case.

In our experience, the early generation deployments of Citrix on AWS were faced with the following challenges:

  • Massively over-provisioned EC2 instances
  • Limited automation to auto-scaling and right-sizing EC2 resources
  • Challenges associated with EBS volume hydration in relation to AMI/session boot cycles

With additional rigor applied to session benchmarking, design and sizing standards are aligned to performance analytics. This along with autoscaling and provisioning automation introduce important efficiency gains for enterprise customers transitioning to AWS EC2 for XenApp operations.

Feel free to contact us if we can assist in optimizing your current XenApp on AWS deployment. 

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