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Service Overview

The Citrix Optimisation assessment delivered by GlassHouse, takes a pragmatic approach to assessing your existing Citrix (and supporting) infrastructure in order to identify performance bottlenecks that impact the user experience. GlassHouse leverages over 60 years of professional experience working with the Citrix suite of products to ensure all aspects of the Citrix Delivery Centre adhere to vendor best practices while tailoring to your user’s specific use cases.

The GlassHouse Approach 

GlassHouse take a granular approach to assessing your Citrix environment in order to identify opportunities to optimise your platform. This starts with a series of interactive workshops to identify everything about your Citrix solution from use cases and devices, Citrix and common shared infrastructure, all the way through analysing your current operational procedures.

Additionally, GlassHouse leverages a custom toolkit of scripts and software such as Lakeside Software’s SysTrack to ascertain the current environment state, and to gain the business intelligence required to optimally configure the Citrix environment for your specific use cases. The real usage data collected provides crucial detail into the state of your environment such as:

  • Audit of Citrix Components. Each individual setting from Citrix policies through to host configuration is extracted from the environment allowing thorough analysis against both your specific use cases and Citrix best practise.
  • User Experience. The user experience metric is based on real data run through Lakeside Software’s proprietary algorithm to quantify the user experience. Before/after/ongoing measurement of the user experience allows ongoing trend analysis which is useful when demonstrating improvements made throughout the course of the engagement, as well as any other future changes introduced.
  • Software Rationalization. Understand the application portfolio, only license what you use reducing ongoing cost in the process.
  • Application Experience. Identify systemic application issues such as crashes, hangs and slow start-up times that impact the user experience.
  • Boot/Login Times. Understand the productivity lost in the mornings waiting for Citrix sessions to login. Identifies the source of contention within the login process allowing for refinement.
  • Resource Utilisation. Identify key points of contention within the environment. If there is only one dollar to spend on infrastructure, determine the most appropriate resource to spend it on based on empirical data.
  • Latency. Isolate latency issues to application back ends and user sessions. Poor Citrix performance isn’t always related to the Citrix infrastructure; these metrics take a look at the response times of your applications themselves along with the state of the network links your users are connecting over.

Value Proposition

  • Alignment of use cases to technology, ensuring that your users get the most out of your Citrix investment
  • Performance tuning and right-sizing of each Citrix component to achieve an optimal user experience keeping your users productive
  • Recommendation of the most cost effective hosting solution (virtual/converged/cloud) to reduce environment operating costs
  • Mitigate the risk of single points of failure that may potentially lead to system outages and/or systems degradation (including DR)
  • Tighten environment security to prevent unauthorised access and data leakage within the environment
  • Reduce running costs in the cloud by implementing power management scripts ensuring only the required amount of compute is consumed at anytime
  • Environment load testing to identify peak load while isolating potential bottlenecks within the environment


The Citrix Optimization service from GlassHouse identifies and remediates weaknesses within the Citrix environment, leading to a series of defined outcomes:

  • Positive User Experience resulting in fewer calls to the service desk
  • Mitigation of the risk of service down time by resolving single points of failure within the environment
  • Reduction of operating costs by identifying the most appropriate hosting strategy for your business use cases
  • Education of IT staff and creation of procedures to ensure environment stability
  • Future proofing of your Citrix investment

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