18th November 2021

Just released whitepaper providing a high-level overview of the major public cloud security assessment tools from a practitioner’s viewpoint, and identifying current challenges associated with the various options in market.

25th March 2021

Just released whitepaper setting out the guiding principles and considerations for migrating existing legacy virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and published/hosted applications across to a pay as you go model incorporating Amazon WorkSpaces or Amazon AppStream 2.0.
cloud migration

10th January 2021

We present an independent view of cloud migration approaches, service provider programs, and technologies associated.In this report we take a complex topic and fragmented market, and refine it to 10 pages of expert guidance.

end user compute

10th December 2020

In this whitepaper update we provide a current high level market view for major global options available for DAAS and Modern workspace environments

AWS migration

12th November 2020

In this whitepaper update we provide a current market view for workload / data migration technologies for AWS, Azure, and GCP. 


31st January 2019

In 2019 machine learning and artificial intelligence services from Amazon and Google competed on global scale, aiming to captivate early adopters and enterprise industrialists alike. This post captures personal insights from seeing the action unfold in 2019.


20th January 2020

An open letter from Scott Hamilton providing insights and suggestions for relief support following the 2019-2020 wildfire season.


11th June 2019

A short post outlining some simple approaches to avoid burnout – an industry epidemic.

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