Tips to Avoid Burnout

11 June 2019

A short post outlining some simple approaches to avoid burnout - an industry epidemic.


Migration Survey

19 March 2019

In January 2019, we surveyed 500 professionals who’ve participated in an enterprise-level cloud migration with a full understanding of the scale and complexity of the process, from a business perspective. The respondents represented a diverse cross-section of industries including software, scientific or technical services, finance and insurance, information services and data, and telecommunications.


Evaluating The Tech Trends in Australia for 2019

08 March 2019

In this article we look at some of the key drivers companies are facing, the technologies that underpin the shift to Cloud, and some of the key points to look for in your Cloud Programs. We have completed our primary research survey of the ANZ and US Cloud marketplace and this offers some great insights into the state of the market and key drivers for adoption among Cloud Professionals.


2019 Tech Trends from Glasshouse

10 January 2019

To kick off the new year, our 2019 Tech Trends provides and overview of overall emerging technologies and trends in our industry.


The Evolution of Citrix Cloud

02 August 2018

An article outlining advances to Citrix Cloud and associated public cloud strategies for Citrix Enterprise customers.


Legacy VDI to AWS Migration Whitepaper

24 July 2018

In this report we simplify the steps required for customers to migrate from environments to Amazon WorkSpaces and AppStream.


Do we need DevOps or Automation?

19 April 2018

An article outlining how DevOps and Automation fit into the world of IT Transformation.


GlassHouse Delivers Vendor Independent EUC Strategy

08 March 2018

The EUC landscape has undergone a revolution. Where to now? Learn how we deliver a vendor independent EUC strategy.


NavCloud for our Customers

20 January 2018

Announcing the rebrand and launch of NavCloud services, aimed at simplifying cloud transition initiatives for mid to large enterprise customers.


Performance Benchmarking Citrix XenApp on AWS

31 October 2017

A post about performance benchmarking tools to address over-provisioning in Citrix XenApp on AWS deployments.