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20 January 2018 | By John Merryman

We’ve rebranded to for one reason: Make our services more accessible to our customers. It started with the basic need for a succinct domain name, and over the last year evolved into a number of initiatives to make our services more accessible and efficient for our customers. With the simplification of our trading name and logo, we’ve also transitioned to an integrated services solution for cloud adoption, providing customers the flexibility of individual tailored services embedded inside a full solution offering.

So, we are also proud to launch our NavCloud services portfolio.NavCloud services can be consumed via programs of work or as individual engagements, and deliver a customer journey to a cloud-computing end-state for both enterprise applications and desktop workspace.

So why is this relevant? 

Public cloud services are engineered to be simple from a commercial and usage perspective. Our clients face tremendous decisions on transition and transformation, and we generally see this complexity compounded by services companies offering overly complicated solutions. In our view, our customers don’t want a guide to the galaxy, but instead want to make smart improvements, keep systems stable, and maintain competitive position.

This is why we built NavCloud - to keep it simple. The vast majority of infrastructure and public cloud services are software delivered. NavCloud gives customers choice and simplicity for cloud adoption, and packages our services into clearly defined domains, where use-cases can then be selected for customization. This approach keeps the portfolio extremely simple, yet adaptable to a wide and evolving range of customer situations and requirements through a common delivery framework.

  • NavCloud services are built to deliver cloud compute results, economically, quickly, and with high quality outcomes for customers with these benefits:
  • Flexible engagement model, allowing customers to apply services to new or ongoing initiatives, merging efforts where feasible
  • Compressed delivery frameworks, lowering cost of services and outcome driven engagements
  • No outsourcing agenda allowing portfolio to co-exist with incumbent providers
  • Vendor Independent advisory, design, implementation services supporting customer requirements first

Thanks for taking time with us and we’ll see you in 2018!

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