NavCloud services can be consumed via programs of work or as individual engagements, and deliver a customer journey to a cloud-computing end-state for both enterprise applications and desktop workspace.

This service gives customers choice and simplicity for cloud adoption, and packages services into clearly defined domains, where use-cases can then be selected for adoption. Given the majority of data centre and all cloud services are software-defined, each NavCloud service offering includes common customer use-cases for selection. This approach keeps the portfolio extremely simple, yet adaptable to a wide and evolving range of customer situations and requirements through a common framework.

NavCloud Services Summary 

DiscoverNow for rapid discovery of your application and server estate

For customers managing existing IT infrastructure environments, DiscoverNow provides an in-depth mapping of applications to server inventory, plus application interdependency analysis. This enables customers to quickly identify and prioritize cloud migration candidates and create base cost metrics to measure the cost/benefit of their transition to public cloud or private cloud infrastructure.

CloudAccelerate to deliver results with public cloud

CloudAccelerate provides hands-on advisory services to new public cloud customers, and delivers expert guidance for the adoption and operational on-ramp for common use-cases. CloudAccelerate fully engages key stakeholders via a facilitated design session, to rapidly identify requirements and implementation specifics across selected use-cases.

AppMigrate for the migration of Applications to public cloud, and between data centres

AppMigrate is migration as a service, delivered with unit-based pricing to move applications and workloads to target cloud environments. AppMigrate delivers public cloud migrations & on-premises migrations, by providing customers a full-lifecycle service for transitioning applications and services between environments.

DesktopWorkspace for efficient & secure end-user computing

DesktopWorkspace optimises and transforms end-user computing. DesktopWorkspace delivers cloud workspace transitions, by providing customers a full-lifecycle service for transforming legacy end-user compute services to modernized platforms and tools. We specialize in both Citrix and AWS technologies, and embrace a customer-first approach to applying technologies to use-case requirements.

Magnify for Managed DesktopWorkspace, simplifying customer operations

Magnify delivers DesktopWorkspace managed services for both Citrix and AWS end-user compute platforms. Magnify is DesktopWorkspace as a Service, focusing on integrated level 3 support with automated monitoring and reporting to ensure the best possible end-user experience. This model supports the BYOD workplace, where users bring the hardware and we deliver the services, plus integrates with traditional customer desktop hardware managed environments.

NavCloud Value

  • Flexible engagement model, allowing customers to apply services to new or ongoing initiatives, merging efforts where feasible
  • Compressed delivery frameworks, lowering cost of services and outcome driven engagements
  • No outsourcing agenda – allowing portfolio to co-exist with incumbent providers
  • Vendor Independent advisory, design, implementation services – supporting customer requirements first

Cloud Migration – 2017 State of the Market

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