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Service Overview

Application & Workload Migration services deliver the transition of enterprise compute based services to Public and Private Cloud providers. Our migration projects may include traditional data centre (Lift & Shift), Virtual Workload Migrations (P2V, V2V), and Cloud Migration projects (AWS, Azure). Custom transition services can also be extended to include application refactoring/redesign where appropriate to leverage the hyperscale and automation characteristics of Public Cloud compute.


We embrace a discovery first methodology for transition projects. Using a combination of workshops and automated discovery tools, GlassHouse collects data on and analyses the existing application portfolio and associated infrastructure components, their performance data, and the inter-relationships between the application components.

We embrace SaaS based automation tools to rapidly perform the baseline discovery activity. Our agentless automated discovery systems can be rapidly deployed as a VM within the environment, lessening the time required for the assessment, and providing data for the analysis from day one. We then use structured interview methods to validate application and infrastructure relationships and target design inputs.

Migration Planning

Using a combination of empirical data inputs and planning methodology, we construct migration move group plans based on application interdependencies and a logical grouping appropriate to cloud target environments. Knowing the limited time available to application teams, we accelerate migration design reviews through facilitated workshops and into production migration streams.

Migration Execution

Migration automation technologies reduce source production impact and organisational complexity associated with the migration process. We employ automation where possible to address the classic limits of manual migrations, and to lower the strain of change management.

We often team with customers to jointly deliver migration execution, capitalising on operations and standard support resources where feasible to lower cost of migration execution, testing, and acceptance.

Value Proposition

  • Low cost discovery, driven by automation tooling and proven discovery methods
  • Vendor independent cloud costing, strategy, and design authority
  • Risk and cost sensitive engagement model to drive migrations on scale
  • Outcome driven migration services, focused on transition time to completion and minimal risk impact


The Application/Workload Migrations service from GlassHouse delivers migration results:

  • Accelerated enterprise discovery
  • Vendor independent cloud migration strategy and cloud vendor selection
  • Efficient migration move group planning and validation
  • Automation driven migration execution and customer teaming
  • Risk-sensitive migration testing and validation
  • Unit based workload migration commercial engagements, outcome driven

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