Magnify, by GlassHouse - A Turnkey Solution for Managing Citrix

11 June 2015 | By John Merryman

Running on-premise Citrix applications represents the vast majority of Citrix installs world-wide, with the exception of remote hosted and managed installations. For the average customer, maintaining skills parity, and updating designs against changing requirements is an ongoing challenge. We see in the field, a range of operational challenges, most often not associated with Citrix technology, but the various supporting layers which comprise the overall delivery environment.

From an architectural perspective, success running Citrix starts at the spindle. For legacy XenApp deployments, and especially XenDesktop deployments, I/O performance and scale to performance, ultimately is the first denominator for performance success. As with any application, the compute/hypervisor, network, to endpoint performance is also crucial, but if you're not serving I/O, an otherwise perfectly tuned environment will struggle. Effectively, Citrix applications require care and support, and Magnify addresses this operational requirement by applying expert skill to industry leading monitoring and management tools. We provide an alternative to the operational struggle by blending tools, people, process, and best practices into an out-tasked management model for customers.

Unless just a few people manage the IT environment, operational divides compound the problem of pinpointing component or service specific root cause. Often diagnosing full-stack operational issues will require a comprehensive investigation of the operating environment, from the application down to the base infrastructure in some cases. Citrix skills are rare to begin with, so you can't bet on storage, compute, network engineering to have application specific knowledge.

Lastly, disparate monitoring tools and non-coherent operational views for the Citrix specific environment often obscure visibility across the Citrix application and infrastructure stack. Citrix native monitoring tools have function, but primarily at the Citrix application level. Add to this, requirements typically change in a Citrix environment. Flux in users, addition of new applications, changes in workload patterns and demand all influence operations and platform performance.

What is the solution? Magnify, by GlassHouse. 

All of these factors have influenced the design of our Magnify offering for Citrix managed services. First, we believe monitoring information for the full-stack is essential to effective operations. This enables rapid diagnosis of operational issues that otherwise require extended troubleshooting and systems analysis. Secondly, we see value in running Citrix on-premise, but also see potential for Citrix applications and services running in the cloud as a service. Under either model, we advocate an out-tasked model for Citrix management, where our teams take on the application specific management, and in some cases the underlying infrastructure services. As the market is shifting to cloud service delivery, we see an immediate opportunity to transition customer Citrix environments to a remote managed and supported operational model - where customers continue to enjoy the benefits of application and desktop virtualisation, without the operational challenges.

What are the benefits of Magnify, by GlassHouse?

  • Faster time to issue resolution
  • Increased performance and stability of Citrix environments
  • In-depth monitoring, alerting, and reporting of the entire Citrix stack
  • Fully managed service, and Australian based
  • Flexible subscription based service offering