GlassHouse launches in Asia Pacific

11 August 2015 | By John Merryman

GlassHouse are pleased to announce market expansion into Asia, based out of Hong Kong, led by Anthony Barr who joins GlassHouse as the APJ Managing Director. Targeting expansions across Hong Kong, China, Japan, ASEAN and Korea, GlassHouse plans to expand upon cloud software partnerships and enterprise client relationships with a proven history of delivery and customer success.

Anthony's addition to the GlassHouse team adds extensive expertise throughout the Asia Pacific market and technical leadership in the cloud marketplace.

Previous to joining GlassHouse, Anthony led the creation and ongoing development of Citrix Consulting & Education in 8 countries throughout Asia Pacific. Rapidly growing the business YoY over 11+ years, in a fast-paced and dynamic market. As part of the global executive management team, he leads the APJ practice and commercial development of the business.

GlassHouse provides independent professional services & automation tools for enterprise IT transitions to cloud compute and cloud workspace. We specialise in cloud transition, cloud workspace, and managed services. We provide value to enterprise customers through industry expertise, enterprise consulting depth, and software delivery innovation. In conjunction to service delivery, GlassHouse aims to become the #1 trusted software reseller in Asia for emerging software technology companies.

GlassHouse sees a massive opportunity to out-task virtual workspace management as a gateway for on premise deployments to transition to cloud based workspace services. We also see managed workspace and performance automation as key enablers to pure cloud delivered workspace services.