Full-Stack Monitoring for Citrix Workspaces

26 April 2017 | By John Merryman

Managed Citrix and cloud workspace environments require a careful eye to multiple levels of resource utilization and session/application activity. When we built out the Magnify core services for Citrix Management, we started with the classic concept: You can't Manage what you can't Measure.

As a result, our field implementation of Magnify is centered on customer-facing Citrix monitoring metrics, across a number of elements critical to providing a stable run-time environment. The Citrix monitoring elements span core networks, application services, to end-point receivers and users:

  • Application Resource utilization
  • CPU/Memory Utilization
  • Network throughput, latency, and session metadata
  • User sessions and license integrity

As seen in these field examples, the data doesn't lie and puts our Citrix support teams in front of key provisioning, troubleshooting, and remediation activities often in advance of an actual systems outage.

Benefits of our Magnify metrics approach include:

  • Reduced hands required to manage full-stack operations (we've seen this reduce by 75% in fully-managed environments)
  • Proactive identification of operational issues and trending issues, before they result in outages
  • Quicker time to resolve complex multi-domain issues
  • Real-time alerting to integrated management teams
  • Advanced views to avoid resource over (and under) provisioning, and data driven capacity planning

Feel free to get in touch if we can assist or provide insights to how we help our customers overcome Citrix operational challenges.