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DiscoverNow delivers a rapid-analysis of the customer application and server estate.

Using a combination of workshops and automated discovery tools, DiscoverNow collects and analyses data on the existing enterprise environment, capturing details of the critical infrastructure components, their performance data, and the inter-relationships between the components.

The result is a comprehensive view of the production environment, application mappings, and costing base-metrics which provide a clean input to migration planning and execution.

  • Initial workshop to define scope of discovery and critical success factors
  •  Agentless discovery service is rapidly deployed as a VM within the environment collecting:CPU, Memory, and IO measurements based on 30-day averages
    Application interdependency analytics and groupings
    Server/virtual machine rightsizing analytics and recommendations
  •  All data is collected upfront and outputs are used to form application groups and dependencies within the environment
  •  Based on skilled analysis, we identify and create crucial inputs to migration planning and financial analysis activities
  •  Analytics feed additional scope for Business Case/TCO Analysis for Target Cloud Alternatives (Optional)
Value Proposition:
  • DiscoverNow takes place over a 2 to 8 week period depending on scale of the environment and depth of discovery required
  •  No dependency on CMDB or other legacy data sources, which can be updated and refreshed to actuals with DiscoverNow outputs
  • Mapping of application and service dependencies, resulting in creation of appropriate migration groups and quicker adoption of cloud services
  • Rigorous data analytics and presentation, providing clear insights to DiscoverNow outcomes
    Independent benchmarking of projected end-state cloud compute costs, ensuring rational budgets for cloud adoption

Cloud Migration -State of the Market 2020

Looking for vendor independent Cloud Migration Advice?

We present an independent view of cloud migration approaches, service provider programs, and technologies associated.

In this report we take a complex topic and fragmented market, and refine it to 10 pages of expert guidance.

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