Cloud Transition Ready?

28 October 2015 | By John Merryman

Our average customer is grappling with a mixed bag of cloud interests, initiatives, and technology selection projects. But too often, side projects with strategic value create more chaos than demonstrable outcomes. We advocate a holistic business and technical assessment, leveraging a combination of technical data, financial inputs, and strategic requirements to derive an actionable cloud strategy for our customers. In our view, cloud decisions exclusively drawn from the board room will struggle just as much as solely technically driven initiatives. You must bridge a mix of executive, financial, technical, and operational inputs to effectively drive an objective and strategic plan for cloud service adoption.  

GlassHouse’s Cloud Readiness Assessment service provides a high-level, holistic assessment of the business’ ability and readiness to adopt Cloud as part of its IT strategy. Using GlassHouse’s rapid assessment process (Accelerate) incorporating facilitated workshops and discovery phases, GlassHouse’s team of business process, ITSM, and Cloud professionals work with the business to define what Cloud will mean for the business, the appropriate time for the business to migrate, and the impact to the business as processes, infrastructure and applications are migrated. Click here for more information.

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