Cloud Platform Switching with Migration Automation

21 November 2015 | By John Merryman

We work with multiple toolsets for workspace and workload automation.  One trusted partner has recently published a video showing migrations of multiple workload sources from AWSMicrosoft, and Google, to a VMware private cloud data center. While we see a growing number of use-cases for migrating workloads into the cloud, but we also see viable use-cases for customers to move workloads back to core data center virtual infrastructure. Consolidating 'cloud sprawl' and rogue workloads are justifiable cases, not to mention disaster recovery architectures where legacy footprint and control can make sense for certain applications. Check out the latest here: 

We are excited to see the vision of workload migration and cloud portability becoming real for our customers as this will pave the path for better agility moving customer workloads both into and out of public cloud services.

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