Cloud Migration Whitepaper - Getting Started

05 January 2016 | By John Merryman

Most enterprise migration programs on scale burn through year 1 with little to show other than frustration and time/budget spent. There's typically a bottom-up perspective applied to the top-down challenge of transitioning applications & services. Infrastructure teams start by plowing through CMDB records analysis, inventory analysis, and at some point deployment of complex 3rd party discovery tools. As the data starts to tell a story, original views program approach are dispelled and the reality of migrating distributed systems and applications to a new target cloud environment are often totally rehashed. 

Based on our experience, we see a lot of merit in the deployment of tactical approaches and less invasive methods to discover and rationalize move-groups. Just imagine never touching the CMDB and treating it purely as an asset/change system for operational purposes only (as one very idealistic assumption). Imagine having a view of your application relationships and interdependencies as in input to migration strategy, versus an afterthought. In the following whitepaper, authored by our discovery automation partner Risc Networks, several practical approaches are provided for customers embarking on cloud migration.  To download the whitepaper, please click here