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Accelerated Deployment of robust, flexible, and proven cloud solutions:

  • Highly Automated & repeatable
  • Modular and scalable
  • Value for money

Your Choice of:

Citrix Cloud and Azure/AWS.  A Full Cloud Solution providing:

  • Full desktop functionality with access to most industry standard applications
  • Available 24×7 and accessible from anywhere

Citrix Cloud and On Premise.  A Localised Solution providing:

  • Full desktop functionality with access to all your business applications
  • Available 24×7 and Accessible from anywhere
  • More granular control of local resources

CloudAccelerate delivers a rapid-result for public cloud adoption, using expert resources, automation, and efficient delivery methods. CloudAccelerate delivers fundamental results for common use-cases, and includes operational run-book outputs to ensure customers are up and running with a balanced combination of governance, operational readiness, and design-awareness for the deployment as-built.

Value Proposition:
  • CloudAccelerate takes place over a 1-4 weeks period depending on use-case selected
  • Leveraging of automation templates and technologies
  • Efficient engagement of customer resources and time
  • Outcome driven delivery with operational sustainability 
  • Rapid access to a proven industry standard Cloud solution which is robust, scalable, and easily extended
  • Project time & Costs are minimized and contained
  • Minimal impact on the business

We also provide additional Specialist Services for Citrix Customer

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