Citrix Performance Management Report

05 April 2016 | By John Merryman

Most of our field customers are underwhelmed with the Citrix monitoring experience and are looking for alternatives to conform to the cost-profile of their current operations. With the recent acquisition and subsequent availability of SCOM/Comtrade service packs for Citrix Platinum Edition customers, and following the EOL announcements of Citrix Edgesight, we see a number of customers searching for clarity on market direction for Citrix performance monitoring.

The current licensing requirements for HDX Insight and Citrix Director push customers to higher license levels to gain access to analytics capabilities. With HDX insight requiring a minimum of NetScaler Enterprise for real-time, NetScaler Platinum for historical and Citrix Director requiring XenApp/XenDesktop Platinum for historical performance management with all other versions restricted to real-time and basic troubleshooting data the costs are not insignificant. This coupled with the limited alerting and reporting functions in the current editions are causing customers to look at more fully featured solutions to plug the gaps.

We offer the following complimentary download of the 2016 Citrix Performance Management Report. This report was compiled from a global survey of the architects/administrators performing operations for enterprise Citrix accounts. If you like this content make sure you check out the Magnify:IO (our solution to this problem) and DaaS Whitepaper (our view of the market) with the links included. 

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