Citrix and the Changing Cloud Market

09 May 2016 | By John Merryman

In a recent post on Citrix, analysts have called out a number of fundamental shifts in the Citrix business and market. There is no doubt that the traditional virtual desktop market is undergoing changes. For small to medium businesses, the plethora of cloud based mail and file services all but eradicates the business case for VDI. In parallel, public cloud infrastructure services and hyper converged compute platforms are altering the underlying economics, but not necessarily breaking the paradigm: VDI is still an expensive solution to deploy and manage. Lastly competitive cloud based offering such as AWS Workspaces have hit the market, but seen a more gradual/muted start compared to the breadwinner solutions for enterprise compute. 

For a great recap of Citrix's last year as a company in this changing market, check out this  article.  

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