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Data Centre Transformation

Private Cloud / Virtual Infrastructure Transformation

Leading Australian Bank with approximately six million clients and annual earnings of over six billion globally.

Customer Challenge

Transform and consolidate an aging and dispersed data centre environment of 1200 complex applications, 8,000 servers, and 8 data centres into a fully automated private cloud environment.

The Solution:
  • The GlassHouse team was brought in to manage a large team of client and partner resources during the design, build, migration and decommissioning phases of the project.
  • The team was able to successfully achieve this by bringing independent and leadership to build the team into a cohesive unit that was focused on delivering the project.
  • The GlassHouse Program Director and key engineering resources set about establishing an environment where all parties could work openly together and develop an atmosphere of trust and respect amongst the team. The next stage of delivery involved the establishment of working groups to tackle key technical issues that were proving to be an obstacle in delivering the project in its early stages.
  • As technical challenges were overcome and the project stated to take shape, quick wins were identified to be delivered early in order to build the confidence in the teams for the complex tasks ahead. As this process continued to pick up steam, so did the project.
  • This continual visible progress took pressure off the team and allowed them to concentrate on the job of delivering the project and as a result the client has a newly transformed data centre environment that they are proud of and one which will allow them to tackle future technical demands strategically and proactively well into the future.
“The team has done a really great job in delivering results” – Client Director
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“Your collaborative approach makes getting things done possible” – Client Program Director

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