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CITRIX ON AWS Deployment - The University of Sydney

CITRIX on AWS Deployment - Case Study

The AWS solution delivered by GlassHouse – and called UniConnect by the University of Sydney – enables remotely located staff to access core applications when undertaking a myriad of critical duties.

Customer Challenge
  • University research, clinical, administration and finance staff need to access core windows-based applications while working remotely in locations including hospitals and distant University campuses.
  • Primarily leverage existing on-premise data centre, but create a delivery framework that bursts workload capacity to AWS, as required.
  • AWS costs must be kept to a minimum.
The Solution:
  • Citrix XenApp application delivery technology, paired with the dynamic properties of AWS EC2, allows the University to burst into the cloud as required, utilising a combination of Citrix XenApp Application groups and Delivery Group priorities.
  • To ensure AWS costs are kept to a minimum, Citrix XenApp hosts are scaled up and down depending on user demand and resource utilisation.
  • In a bid to further reduce cost, different AWS EC2 instance types are leveraged with high compute, high user density instances used during peak working hours, with low density, low cost instance types used out of hours and on weekends.
  • This combination of dynamic scaling and instance type selection further ensures the most efficient use of AWS EC2 resources, which ultimately translated to cost savings for the University.
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