AWS and Citrix Join Forces

03 June 2016 | By John Merryman

The recent announcement from AWS, the AWS Accelerator Program for Citrix is a major validation of our technical investment and strategy to assist customers in their transition to Public Cloud infrastructure. To us, infrastructure is infrastructure, regardless of a Public Cloud or on-premises services model. In the end, proper design, planning, and operational management still stipulate success for these deployments.

The AWS path for hosting and operating Citrix affords a lower economy of scale and wider variety of integration, automation, and scale-out options than the typical on-premises 

deployment. We are bullish on this concept primarily due to cost pressures faced by the typical Enterprise to sustain and manage VDI deployments. The economics practically factor positive for deployments ranging into 1000+ concurrent user seats and still require lean operations.

We envisage a gradual migration of our customer base to a hybrid operational model, where Citrix running on AWS will lower run-rate, and also open more paths to dual use-cases for both Citrix and AWS Workspaces. The latter, still in early phases of market adoption and more rigid in design, lowers the price barrier significantly for certain virtual workspace use-cases and will add to the momentum for customers to adopt Public Cloud based solutions in this marketplace.

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