Automation for Virtual Workspace Deployments

05 September 2015 | By John Merryman

We see customers struggle routinely with manual provisioning and build cycles for virtual desktop environments. With more and more uniform IaaS services in the market, developing automation for software deployments into these environments is the future of service delivery, in our best estimation. The issues this address are numerous, including:

  • Software configuration variety/inconsistency
  • Non-repeatable implementations (miracle works, only by outside consultants)
  • Gaps between initial build and ongoing support knowledge
  • Instability of implementations due to poor build practices

One of the areas we are excited to see this concept become reality with Automation Machine, who have created machine automation capability for Citrix, Microsoft RDS, and VMware deployments. As found in the following blog post, this technology addresses many of the core challenges and provides a bright view for the future of virtual desktop deployments.