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AppMigrate delivers enterprise applications to public cloud and between data centres, along with hybrid migration scenarios.

Application migrations are about managing risk against cost & time. We provide automation, delivery frameworks, and field expertise to successfully transition applications between environments, delivered in a joint-working model with our customer.



  • Migration to/from AWS / Azure / Google Cloud Platform
  • Parallel Design & Deploy (Rearchitecting)
  • Parallel Build & Uplift (Replatforming)
  • Lift & Shift (Rehosting)
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data centre consolidation & migration
  • Discovery is delivered with a combination automated discovery tools and facilitated workshops, as outlined in the DiscoverNow service.
  • Migration Planning takes empirical data and application groupings from DiscoverNow, to construct Migration Move Group Plans
  • Facilitated migration design reviews accelerate the creation of migration streams
  • Migration automation to reduce lower the strain of change management and manual intervention
  • Customer teaming to embed operational support resources, lowering the cost of migration execution, testing, and acceptance.
Value Proposition:
  • Unit-priced commercial engagements, outcome driven
  • Vendor independent cloud costing, strategy, and design authority
  • Efficient discovery, driven by automation tooling and proven discovery methods
    Automation driven migrations and customer teaming
  • Risk-focused testing and validation
  • Direct insight to complexity and risk constraints in relation to successful migration of application services

Cloud Migration – State of the Market

Looking for vendor independent Cloud Migration Advice?

We present an independent view of cloud migration approaches, service provider programs, and technologies associated.

In this report we take a complex topic and fragmented market, and refine it to 10 pages of expert guidance.

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