Application & Workload Migrations to AWS

10 October 2016 | By John Merryman

As a trusted AWS consulting partner, we recognize the effort and focus required to transition your compute workloads to the public cloud. We aim to simplify this transition and empower your team with an innovative delivery capability to drive Windows and Linux workloads to AWS.

Check out our delivery framework here: Application & Workload Migration Services

Here is a quick summary of our Use-Cases:

  • Migrate from any physical, virtual, or cloud to AWS VPC
  • Physical to AWS (P2C)
  • Virtual to AWS (V2C, no dependencies on source hypervisor APIs)
  • Cloud to AWS (C2C, no dependencies on source cloud APIs)
  • AWS Classic to VPC Migrations
  • AWS Cross-Region Migrations
  • Citrix to AWS Design & Migration

Why Enterprise Customers are adopting our services:

  • Independence - Vendor independent consulting and managed services, customer focused
  • Network Based Discovery - Data driven decisions for interdependency analysis and move group planning
  • Minimal Change Management - requirements for source production
  • Non-Invasive - No Software to Install on source production environment.
  • Fast & Secure workload migration into AWS - leveraging AWS roles, native services and automation
  • Live Workload Cloning - allows target workload test/validation before final cut over to AWS
  • Enterprise Expertise - Extensive experience delivering transitions for enterprise customers

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