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Service Overview

Cloud Compute Costing provides clear technical and financial direction for the migration of applications & services to Public and Private Cloud providers. In this outcome based service, we rationalise/quantify the current application/workload environment, identify realistic Cloud candidates, and deliver vendor agnostic pricing analysis for adoption of Public or hybrid Cloud alternatives. As a result we expedite the decision making process and help our customers move into execution.


  • Using a combination of workshops and automated discovery tools, GlassHouse collects data on and analyses the existing Enterprise environment, capturing details of the critical infrastructure components, their performance data, and the inter-relationships between the components.
  • The Cloud Compute Costing assessment takes place over a 2 to 4 week period, with our consultants initially working with the business to define the infrastructure components to be modeled and the critical success factors for the project.
  • Our agent-less automated discovery systems can be rapidly deployed as a VM within the environment, lessening the time required for the assessment, and providing data for the analysis from day one.
  • The assessment uses a discovery first principle, where all data is collected upfront, and outputs used to determine the service groups and dependencies within the environment, ahead of migration planning and cost modeling phases.

Value Proposition

  • Rapid determination of the suitability of Cloud for the business and possible use cases, through the Accelerate methodology and current state reviews of infrastructure and application requirements
  • Formation of Cloud strategy, providing insight into the potential benefits and downsides of adopting Cloud, what form of Cloud services are most suitable to the business’ requirements, and appropriate time to migrate to them
  • Mapping of application and service dependencies, resulting in creation of appropriate migration groups and faster adoption of Cloud services
  • Benchmarking of projected end-state Cloud compute costs, ensuring cost control of Cloud migration projects
  • Rigorous data analytics and presentation, providing clear insights to assessment outcomes
  • Insight into issues and potential environmental constraints that need to be addressed by the business in order to successfully migrate services


The Cloud Compute Costing service from GlassHouse will provide the business with a clear direction for the migration of services to Public and Private Cloud providers, leading to a series of defined outcomes:

  • Comprehensive overview of environment, encompassing both performance and application data
  • Dependency mapping and visualization provides insight into server workloads and their relationship to other services within the environment
  • Cloud vendor agnostic pricing analysis, using a number of Cloud service providers. CPU, memory, and storage requirements are modeled to determine optimal pricing
  • Assists with development and creation of migration groups to expedite migration of services to the Cloud

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